Wednesday, September 26, 2007

365 Tomorrows Stops "Connected Stories"

The good folks at 365 Tomorrows will no longer accept "connected stories" like my Kosmosflot series, even though they are independent, standalone tales. In other words, no recurring "universes" like mine, no recurring characters, aliens, or scenarios. Apparently this isn't a new rule, but is simply one that has lapsed as the site has grown in readership and the number of writers offering submissions. I'm not happy with the policy, but a writer must respectfully bow to the editors' wishes or else move on. I have too many Kosmosflot stories yet to tell, and I will continue writing and submitting them to other venues. And, as I have always done, I will continue to submit non-Kosmosflot flash-fiction stores to 365 Tomorrows.

Here's my Kosmosflot goodbye message that I posted at 365 Tomorrows:

"What are those things, Poppa?"

"They're aliens, son. They're called the Tsoor."

"But why are they here?"

"They used to live in America, but they got kicked out."

"Did they break the rules?"

"I guess so, Serosha. Now they have to find a new place to hang out."

"That one looks sad, Poppa."

"Don't worry. They'll be fine, I'm sure."


At 1:47 PM EDT, Anonymous Corydon said...

I've been following and enjoying your stories on 365T for a while now, and am really looking forward to reading more of them! You have a wonderful voice; even when they're about aliens, the stories convey a warmth and humanity that's all too rare in SF. Keep it up!

A question: what's the source of that picture?

At 3:07 PM EDT, Blogger Captain Kosmos said...

Thanks very much, Corydon, for your kind words.

Today the dialogue at 365T had the first mention of a spin-off site for "connected" stories. I'm not surprised. Remember Newton's Third Law: "For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction force." But I doubt that the 365T folks will have any interest in creating an alternate site. Someone else will have to create it, promote it, and seek story submissions. A sizeable project, but, I suspect, it might just happen.

The picture was sent to me from a reader who lives in Yerevan, Armenia, who says it was originally used in a European science-fiction magazine many years ago.

At 7:07 PM EDT, Blogger Michael said...

Sometimes I can be such a self absorbed idiot. The true meaning of this post just dawned upon me. "The got kicked out because they broke the rules." Forgive me for my 'hot sauce' joke, though I meant it fondly.

But now that I get it, I see what a wonderfully sly Slavic dig it is. My complements.

I too am quite upset over this. I thought I had found a home for my Cyber Witch stories and then the rules get changed in midstream. And they where changed that way, no matter what Kathy K says. We're supposed to dig through old forum posts to unearth such arcana? Feh!

But I have bookmarked you blog and look forward to more Kosmosflot.

BTW this is nebris aka Michael Varian Daly, fellow [former?] writer from 365T


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