Monday, September 24, 2007

Flyby - New Flash Fiction

You can read my latest flash-fiction story FLYBY at

""Any starship could request a flyby. Popik received them all the time from the Customs Patrols and the Space Force when they needed to eyeball our ship. If they wanted a bribe that day, they’d come aboard Popik’s old Mod One. ..."

I hope you enjoy it. Any comments would be welcome!

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At 2:56 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You may want to check in over at 365Tommorows. There has been a shift in the rules and I suspect your KosmosFlot stories, which I am quite found of, will no longer fit into these new rules.

Certainly, the Tsoor 'mirror' Flyby you're contemplating would be disqualified. I'll stick the relevant links in here.

At 11:45 AM EDT, Blogger Captain Kosmos said...

Thanks for the heads-up warning. I've been closely following the recent discussion at 365tomorrows about "connected" stories. I have three Kosmosflot and two non-Kosmosflot stories submitted there and, according to messages I've received from their site administrator, they will be reviewed again with the new rules in mind. But they've also been very encouraging in asking me to continue submissions and in reassuring that each story will be judged on its own merits. We'll see how it plays out.

Personally, I found the stories by Tod Keisling, the September Featured Writer, to be too repetitive: street crazy hates the dystopian authorities, military vet hates the dystopian autorities, etc. A very bleak scenario, not much fun to read, I thought. They were well written, but just not much variation in the stories' themes.

Whether here, at 365tomorrows, or at some other venue, I will continue writing Kosmosflot stories. I've yet to introduce the mysterious, music-loving Astronians; the Mongol-like Helgrammites; and a guy named Max Kreminov who sells good used starships for a living.

Spasiba! - Thank you!


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